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Special Needs Dentistry – Naperville, IL

Individualized Care for Special Smiles

At Grand Dental – Naperville, we are committed to providing special needs dentistry to children who experience developmental, behavioral, physical, and emotional disabilities. These impairments often result in worsening oral health conditions that require regular dental care; however, seeing a dentist is often a challenge for many parents with a special needs child in Naperville. This is why it is important that unique accommodations and specialized training are readily available at our dental office. Offering an environment that is safe, secure, and welcoming, we personalize the approach for every patient, ensuring they remain comfortable and at ease during their visit. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let us help formulate the ideal appointment for your child.

Why Choose Grand Dental – Lake Zurich for Special Needs Dentistry?

Who Can Benefit From Special Needs Dentistry?

Children with physical, emotional, behavioral, and developmental impairments often have difficulty maintaining healthy smiles. Oral health problems such as cavities, gum disease, tooth decay, and late tooth eruption are common. Our team offers effective solutions to mitigate these issues, which are often caused by a lack of saliva production due to certain medications, gum inflammation and bleeding, the inability to brush and floss teeth correctly, and unhealthy diets that result in cavities.

What Happens During a Special Needs Visit?

Boy visiting pediatric dentist in Naperville

Parents who bring their child with special needs to our Grand Dental – Naperville office can expect an appointment that is specifically designed for their child. Apart from using a more normalized and calming tone, we consider any additional accommodations they might need to ensure a secure and welcoming environment. If necessary, we will use special dental props and sedation dentistry to provide a more comfortable approach to dentistry and encourage a parent or dental assistant to gently hold a child still while they undergo a dental checkup and cleaning.

Throughout the appointment, parents can expect our team to use encouraging words as a way to create a positive experience.

How Grand Dental – Naperville Can Help Your Child With Special Needs

Boy with special needs in Naperville

Parents are encouraged to speak with one of our dental professionals and request specialized care from our board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Shuran Liang. Combining his creative passion with a desire to help children achieve healthy smiles, he provides a gentle touch while carefully listening to and addressing the questions and concerns of parents with special needs children. Dr. Liang’s knowledge and training allow him to incorporate appropriate techniques to provide dental care for special needs in Naperville.

What Is The Rainbow System?

Girl smiling in Naperville

When a child needs help to remain still during an appointment, we turn to The Rainbow Stabilizing System. Consisting of a papoose board and uniquely designed wrap, a child’s arms and legs will remain secure while our team completes a regular dental checkup and cleaning or more extensive procedure. The Rainbow System appears friendly and inviting, allowing children to feel more comfortable during their visit.