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Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry – Naperville, IL

Establish Better Gum Health

Traditional scalpels and sutures are still used by many dental professionals, but the increase of interest in soft tissue laser treatment of gum disease in Naperville is becoming more evident. These modern dental technologies provide dentists and patients with a unique experience designed to promote pinpoint accuracy, optimal precision, and improved comfort. Also, by using a soft tissue laser to treat advanced periodontitis, patients can expect limited recovery at home, allowing individuals to resume normal activity quickly. If you suspect you may be showing signs of gum disease and want to inquire about laser dentistry, contact us today.

Why Choose Grand Dental – Naperville for Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry?

How Does Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry Work?

Man after laser treatment of gum disease in Naperville

A soft tissue laser is designed to easily treat infected areas of soft oral tissue, minimizing the pain that often comes with this type of treatment. The concentrated beam of light emitted by the laser uses pinpoint accuracy to target infected tissues and carefully eliminate bad oral bacteria. When in contact, it immediately begins to cauterize the area to reduce any chances of bleeding and swelling. This process also minimizes the risk of infection.

Patients who receive soft tissue laser dentistry will spend less time recovering than those undergoing treatment with a traditional scalpel and sutures.

The Right Candidate for Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Soft tissue laser in Naperville

A member of our team must see gum disease sufferers – Naperville to determine if soft tissue laser dentistry is necessary for treatment. With an in-house periodontist in Naperville on staff, we can easily examine the gums using advanced dental technology to see the area beneath the gum line.

When measuring the gum pockets that form over time due to gum disease, a hygienist will note the depths while charting. If they are more than four millimeters or they continually break down, the prospect of laser dentistry increases. 

Benefits of Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Person with bleeding gums in Naperville

Incorporating soft tissue laser dentistry into a dental practice offers patients immense benefits that may not be readily identifiable, such as: